A gift…

Last few days were tough. One of my uncle was admitted in hospital and later one night because of breathing difficulties connected into a ventilator. He had a wife(my aunt) and two sons(aged 20 and 25). He had diabetes for years and now somehow it got out of control. We were close and I accompanied him to the hospital the first time since he had a wound on his left leg. He had fever and soon wound got infected. I thought it would get healed soon.

Fast forward, one morning his youngest son called me and said chettai(brother) doctor said father is in a critical condition. We reached there and the first face i saw when the doors of the lift opened was my auntie’s. Her teary eyes said all. The relatives told me the word doctor used was it can go either way. His heart is not pumping efficiently, has fluid in lungs and on top of that his liver and kidney were not functioning well.

The thought in my mind during that two days varied from picturing their family without him towards a possible miracle. What will it take for god to do a miracle, I pondered. The if’s and the but’s I tried to put in front of god doesn’t seemed to make sense. The third day after doing the dialysis he started showing signs of improvement. Now he’s recovering well.

It is difficult to say what prompted god to save him. There can be a possible explanation. Somebodies heartfelt cry and tears must have shooked god. It might have been hard for god to ignore those prayers. At the end of the day, god might have thought, after all my uncle is good at heart…



I don’t know how to love,
But i can write about it,
I’ve seen it in tears and smiles…

Our Family…

A place where we bloom and explore,
A place where we loose and find us,
A place where hugs feel the best,
A place where kisses wipe away tears,
A place to where we can always return,
A place that is real heaven
… ❤

The Unsinkable – R.M.S Titanic

R.M.S Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. The tragedy took lives of more than 1,500 lives and 700 survived mostly women and children.


R.M.S Titanic

At the time of her construction Titanic was the largest ship ever built – 269 meters long and standing nearly 20 stories high, her weight was over 46,000 tones, her hull spanned four city blocks. She had nine decks encompassing 370 first class cabins, 168 second class cabins and 297 third class cabins – accommodation for up to 3,547 people. Mechanically she was the state of the art. From her innovative double bottom keel to her 16 water tight compartments, Titanic was considered ‘Unsinkable’.


The Grant Staircase

From the start itself, things weren’t going right for the Titanic. There was a Coal Fire in one of the bunker which took days to bring it under control. Titanic was warned off the iceberg several times but for some reason ignored it and maintained a good speed. There are also theories that there was a phenomenon called ‘super refraction’ on that fateful night which could have created mirages that might have led to miscalculations or misinterpretations.
Titanic carried passengers of all classes – millionaires, businessmen, politicians, authors, emigrants. The American dream was alive and well among the hopeful emigrating steerage passengers. Leaving their homelands with essentially everything they owned and the clothes on their back was the biggest decision of their lives. Many scrimped, saved, and borrowed to buy their third-class tickets on the Titanic.
For some of the passengers travelling on Titanic was an opportunity of a better job and a good living. For some it was usual business trip. For some it was about writing the experience. There could have been a honeymoon couple, a pregnant woman, a mother carrying her month old baby. There also could have been a jack and rose(you jump, I jump right?). All had dreams but never would have imagined an end like this in their wildest dreams.
Some say it was the arrogance of claiming the ship to be unsinkable that god disliked  which led to the tragedy. But I always thought god is not someone who is going to punish someone if they do or say something against him, I mean he has given us the choice right?. The ‘unsinkable’ thought might have encouraged the captain to took things little lightly – that is the most fitting explanation I believe for the disaster.
Jack Thayer, a 17-year-old survivor of the sinking of the Titanic wrote- “It was a brilliant, starry night, There was no moon and I have never seen the stars shine brighter; they appeared to stand right out of the sky, sparkling like cut diamonds. I have spent much time on the ocean, yet I have never seen the sea smoother than it was that night; it was like a mill-pond, and just as innocent looking, as the great ship quietly rippled through it.” Another survivor said the most haunting of it all was the terrible silence that followed after the screams….